Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lost and Found

A chirping green light banner
Proclaim the caller searching
Our mislaid treasure, glass, steel, gold
So politely do I answer, surely will I seek?

Once upon a time in a seat
Still warm of transmitted body heat
I learn the seeing, learn the feeling,
Learn knowing the how of knowing.

Thwarted fingers, searching,
Climb through knots of hair
Seeking to loosen curled thoughts
Disturbed from a stream beneath.

The caller the seeker the search
Moving to a strange design
Breathing together across space
On the way to a weird objective.

Traveling tile to culmination
Our dance passes distractions
Reward for an unconscious
To bid a tender submission.

Gated together we succeed
To see a feeling of knowing
From under the shadow throne
To realize time under the sun.