Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Flickering green light stampeding through my eyes
Traveling vague dream roads with fleeting people
Whose luminescence stretches night shadow longings

Wearied ruinous sleep discomfits future meditations
Hammered by fluttering black walnut leaf breezes
Solitude creeps across the day like a missing jigsaw piece

Flickering like the light my thoughts struggle for solidity
Yesterday is gone again today has happened relentlessly
Tomorrow might see me speaking a new language

I am seeking new words to throw at my computer screen
To break my head into tiny pieces of immaculate sound
But the banging of leaves is asking foolish questions

Who delights in my walk at youthful tempo?
In what cupboard is my old face hidden?
What blood type is required to speak in prepositions?

Gathering my toys I drove west toward respite
In a vehicle too fast and too slow for thought
Once again reality interbred with my fading dreams

For greeting a bend in my road waving men
Thickened thought progress with semaphore arms
Circling their hands in downward spirals

Begging my senses to consider some new event
Directing my thinking into lower gear to observe
Single file traffic around an accident scene

This quiet rural highroad sun dappled
Wounded now like a broken blood vessel
An automobile rests turtle-like on its roof

Flipped to prevent escape from fate
One side imploded from sudden impact
Its armor of steel and glass shattered

Here and there other turtle like creatures
Strained necks or hove to along my road
Watching a dying creature pass on

Holding cellular devices aloft with concern
Waiting the arrival of emergency hands
Excited in the act of participation

One pacing pretty, a one-armed tigress
Charged a passing ad covered van reading
“Website development and maintenance”

Announcing to the driver her friend
A broad smile out of sync with events
That she was the messenger to 911

Our passing motorcade shook its heads
While someone on their knees spoke
To a life still inside its broken shell

Brilliant sunlight broke like a mirage
On the silver carapace with fat bloodied limbs
Waving slowly trying to achieve rightness

Gathering thought from the mottled light
And speed from a spinning earth
I pulled my head into the afternoon

Moment on moment dragged my road along
Under wheel memory purging memory
Rising gorge to crown despair