Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On This Ragged Hill

Up here on the side of this ragged hill,
Moments pass darkly through sun shadows
Birds do not know an end is coming
Because they twitter and tweet
While the city burns I listen idly

Whispering leaves move mysteriously
Scattered by busy uncaring breezes
Helpful serpents glide dreamlike
Among old vines telling truths
To shatter the gates of heaven

Genius knows a worthwhile task
Lays in wait beyond that portal
Persuading the avian conference
On ignorant cartographic preparation
To follow their very own spoor

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strange Eternity

I sit resting between a silver Pacific
The buzzing of cyberspace, blaring
Wedding music and Mythbusters

 Heaven could be like that I suppose
A place where temporary silence
Touches against noisy eternity

This space has no ticking red shift
Nor dry whispers of tidy angels
Only a marshaling of quiet motion